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Event | Dates: 09.04.24 |  Online

At the online event, KCMD will summarize the Instrumental grant program’s outcomes, give the floor to the evaluation board, and announce the winners' names. Details →


Event | Dates: 03.04.24 |  Online

The Portfolio Presentation consists of three parts: presentation, discussion, and streamed music compilation. Details →

Event | Dates: 23.02.24Berlin

Orest Smovzh premieres a program featuring several dozen short pieces of contemporary classical music in Berlin. Details →

Project | Dates: 30.10–02.11.23 |  Germany

The Study of White brings the latest music from Ukraine and beyond to Leipzig, Dresden, and Chemnitz.
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Event | Dates: 10–11.06.23 |  Berlin

This year’s edition of this well-known festival by ensemble mosaik features a special program of Ukrainian new music co-produced by Kyiv Contemporary Music Days. Details →

Event | Dates: 01.07.23 | Berlin

KNM Berlin’s new sound magazine asks current composers and artists from Kyiv about various contexts of their art combining interviews, music, live and media performances. Details →

Event | Dates: 01.07.23 | Berlin



KCMD in collaboration with KNM Berlin present a concert of new music by Ukrainian and other European composers featuring the Kyiv-based soloist Nazarii Stets (double bass). Details →

Event | Dates: 19.02.23 |  Berlin

Mixer event featuring a panel discussion with festival curators from Kyiv, Berlin, and New York and an electroacoustic set by Yana Shliabanska. Details →

Event | Dates: 15.12.22 |  Online

On December 15, 2022, KCMD presented the Contemporary Classical Music Portfolio 🇺🇦. The presentation was followed by an online concert. Details →

Event | Dates: 19-21.10.22 | Halle-Dessau

KCMD was invited to deliver a key-note speech at IMPULS-Festival about the role of culture in politics and present projects by KCMD.
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Event | Dates: 14.09.22 |  Vilnius  

Panel discussion within Festivalis Jauna Muzika 2022 in Vilnius, organized by KCMD and the Lithuanian Composers Union. Details →

Event | Dates: 24.08.22 | Online 

On Ukraine’s Independence Day, the KCMD team met for a public online conversation with CelloBello's Robert Rund. Watch the video →

Event | Dates: 07.06.22 | Online 

KCMD took part in the panel discussion organized by Lithuanian contemporary music ensemble Synaesthesis. Watch the video →

Event | Dates: 07.06.22 | Online 

KCMD participated in an event by Ulysses Network along with Ukrainian musicians to present the KCMD Fund. Details →

Event | Dates: 06.05.22 | Online

Panel discussion co-organized by initiative neue musik Berlin and KCMD. 
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