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Concert series presenting new music of Ukraine performed by Berlin ensembles and Ukrainian soloists 

10–11 June
1 July 2023

Kyiv Contemporary Music Days (KCMD) proudly presents a series of concerts that will bring new music of Ukraine to Berlin. Organized in partnership with Berlin-based music collectives, the concerts will feature Ukrainian musicians and composers in dialogue with their counterparts from Germany and beyond. The series is designed to introduce the Berlin audience to the practices of Kyiv’s new music scene.

Ukrainian music to be performed at concerts was created between 2014 and 2023 by a new generation of composers. Often called the Maidan generation, they have been profoundly impacted by the Revolution of Dignity that took place in Ukraine in 2013–2014. While it was marked by tragic events such as the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the revolution brought fundamental social and political change to the country and gave rise to a plethora of new cultural institutions, both state-funded and grassroots. Founded in Kyiv in 2015 by four musicians from Portugal, Serbia, Ukraine, and Japan, KCMD was one of such self-organized initiatives that emerged in the wake of Maidan and drew inspiration from it. Energized by the vibrant Kyiv scene, KCMD has organized more than 150 events over the years in Ukraine, Portugal, Japan, Lithuania, and Germany with musicians from over 25 countries.

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022 put a violent stop to the cultural renaissance of the last decade. Russian troops deliberately target not only the power stations, schools, hospitals, and other vital infrastructure: since February 24, 2022, they have destroyed or damaged over 500 cultural sites in Ukraine. A growing body of evidence suggests Russian forces are systematically stealing art and cultural artifacts from Ukraine on a scale not seen in Europe since WWII. For Ukrainian musicians, the Russian invasion meant forced relocation, inability to create and perform music, but above all, physical threat to their lives regardless of whether they went to the front to defend their country or stayed home to continue doing what they know best. Just like so many other Ukrainians, the KCMD team is now scattered around the world, with three of its members currently residing in Berlin as fellows of the “Weltoffenes Berlin” program.

Joining forces with critically acclaimed collectives Ensemble KNM Berlin and ensemble mosaik, KCMD invites all lovers of contemporary classical music to experience the sound of the Kyiv scene. 

The series will begin on 10–11 June with UP TO THREE - andernorts II. This year’s edition of the well-known Berlin festival is a co-production of ensemble mosaik and KCMD that will consist of five concerts featuring music by Ukrainian composers Anna Arkushyna, Anton Koshelev, Boris Loginov, Anna Korsun, Mykhailo Chedryk, and Adrian Mocanu intertwined with works by contemporary composers from around the world. The musicians of mosaik and selected guests, including Vladyslav Indyk (guitar), Viktor Rekalo (cello), and Albert Saprykin (keyboard), will perform solos, duos, and trios on the stage of Acker Stadt Palast in Berlin Mitte. 

The series finale will take place on 1 July at Villa Elisabeth. It will start with listening cities : kyiv, a multimedia project by Ensemble KNM Berlin and KCMD combining interviews, music, live and media performances, and culminate with the concert “...So They Grow Like Sunflowers” by KNM Berlin and Kyiv-based soloist Nazarii Stets (double bass) with conductor Stephan Winkler. The concert program will include solo and ensemble works by Rebecca Saunders, Clemens Gadenstätter, Kaija Saariaho, Anna Korsun, Anna Arkushyna, Anton Koshelev, and Adrian Mocanu.


This year’s edition of this well-known festival by ensemble mosaik features a special program of Ukrainian new music co-produced by Kyiv Contemporary Music Days. More →

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Kyiv Contemporary Music Days in collaboration with Ensemble KNM Berlin present a concert of new music by Ukrainian and other European composers featuring the Kyiv-based soloist Nazarii Stets (double bass) with conductor Stephan Winkler. More →


Kyiv Contemporary Music Days

Daria Vdovina, Mykhailo Chedryk, Albert Saprykin, Les Vynogradov, Polina Horodyska, Iryna Biloborodova, Mariia Tytova, Dmytro Babenko

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