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Kyiv Contemporary Music Days (KCMD) is launching the Per Forma grant program that will provide financial support in the amount of 1,000 to 7,000 EUR for the implementation of projects and professional development of artists and collectives in the field of performing arts in Ukraine.

Applications are accepted from 23 April to 26 May 2024. The implementation period of the selected projects is July–November 2024.

Submitted AS OF TODAY:

0375 applications*

* — The counter is updated daily at 08:00 p.m.

Once the limit of 2,000 applications is reached, the application phase will be closed.

Program Objective

We at KCMD believe that culture is an important driver of change. We share this conviction with many cultural actors in Ukraine, who have repeatedly proven that cultural initiatives can indeed be a powerful transformative force in society. For more than eight years, we have been a part of these changes in the field of new music. However, no art form exists in a vacuum. Music, theater, dance, and other performing arts are closely intertwined, and each discipline has the potential to enrich, expand, and deepen the others.

KCMD aims to develop an ecosystem of Ukrainian culture where interdisciplinarity flourishes, new approaches are encouraged and cultural heritage is constantly reactualized. That is why, with the support of the Performing Arts Fund NL and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands, we have created a program that promotes the development of the entire performing arts sector in Ukraine, strengthening each discipline and the synergy between them.

What does the program support?

The program provides grants for implementing projects and professional development of actors and collectives in the performing arts in Ukraine.

The following types of activities may be financed within the framework of the program:

What grants are available?

You can apply for one of two types of support:

Support for individuals continuing their existing, long-term practices (e.g. years-long research, creating a complex musical piece, writing a play, etc.) or creating new works. The applicant must state what project stage will be funded by the Per Forma grant program. These individual projects may not have immediate public outcomes.

New projects with a clear public presentation as the final goal (e.g. a concert with commissioned works, staging a theater play, etc).

* — Amounts are inclusive of taxes.

** — According to the exchange rate on the day the grant funds are credited to the account of the grant recipient.

The total prize fund of the program is 300,000 EUR.

Who can apply?

Ukrainian actors and collectives working in the following fields:

You can apply individually to support your personal project or submit a group application to implement a collective project. Contracts will be signed with natural persons, private, state organizations, or NGOs, depending on the needs and capabilities of the applicants.

Please note that the applicant’s legal status will affect the amount of taxation of the grant payment under Ukrainian legislation. In the application form, you will find a tax calculation template helping you better understand how much of the grant you can expect to receive after taxes according to your legal status.

What are the conditions for receiving a grant?

Projects must be implemented in Ukraine.

Program winners must implement projects between July and November 2024 and file their reports on time. Narrative and financial reports from grantees are due no later than three weeks after the end of the project, but all must be submitted by 1 December 2024.

All funds from the received grant must be used for the planned activities specified in the application. Applicants can additionally finance their projects from other sources and scale the projects accordingly.

How to apply?

To apply for the Per Forma program, please fill in an online application and submit all necessary documents by 26 May 2024, 23:59 Kyiv time.

We advise you to do this as soon as possible, as there is a processing limit of 2,000 applications. As soon as this number is reached, we will stop accepting applications and will announce it on this page and our social media.

The selection results will be announced in July 2024. All applicants will be informed about the selection results by e-mail. Contact address for questions and suggestions: performa@kcmd.eu.

What are the evaluation criteria?

Applicants must meet the following formal criteria:

Applications will be evaluated according to the following qualitative criteria:

Frequently asked questions


The program is aimed at supporting activities in Ukraine. If you plan to implement the project in Ukraine physically, you can apply even if you are outside the country. If it is an online project (for example, work on a website), then only applicants residing in Ukraine can apply.


We provide an indicative list of disciplines in the “Who can apply?” section. Note that the list is not exhaustive and we leave it to applicants to decide whether they qualify. When considering the applications, the evaluation board will analyze the applicant’s previous experience and the submitted project’s relevance to the program goals.


Yes. The program is designed not only for artists (musicians, directors, performers, etc.) but also for any actors in the performing arts sector, including project managers, researchers, musicologists, theater scholars, etc.


The program’s maximum processing capacity is 2,000 applications. The counter at the top of this page indicates the number of submitted applications as of the last day. We update it daily. We advise you to not delay the submission to ensure your application is accepted. Keep in mind that most applications usually arrive closer to the end of the submission period, so the numbers on the counter can increase significantly and quickly.


Kyiv Contemporary Music Days formed a special board to evaluate applications. It consists of Ukrainian professionals with artistic and/or managerial expertise in at least one of the sectors of the program. We will announce their names after the end of the submission period.

Contact address for questions and suggestions: performa@kcmd.eu


Mykhailo Chedryk, Polina Horodyska, Vasyl Lutsyk, Tetiana Melnychenko, Khrystyna Melnyk, Dasha Podoltseva, Albert Saprykin, Mariia Tytova, Daria Vdovina, Les Vynogradov


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