Year of work: REPORT

March 18 2022 — May 25 2023

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On March 18th 2022, due to the full-scale war that Russia has waged in our country, we have created a Fund to support the Ukrainian classical music community.

Here we publish a report on the Fund's work, which has existed for more than a year now:


1.1. Board formation

To ensure balanced decisions for the Fund and examination of applications, we have created a Board that evaluates submitted applications and approves the provision of support.

The board consists of the following musicians:

1.2. Processes

During the first year of the Fund's existence, we dealt with, among other things, the following:

1.3. Fund’s activities diversification

We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve the Fund. In particular, we did the following:


In August, we created the KCMD community channel, where we publish current work, education, grants, and other professional opportunities for the Ukrainian academic music community three times a week.

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Every two weeks, we also prepare an Email newsletter with professional opportunities. 

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Musicians, orchestras and institutions around the world joined our movement.

Thanks to their efforts, concerts were held in various countries, the funds were raised and then directed to KCMD Foundation. Also, there have been held panel discussions, forums, and other public events where we were able to inform about the Fund's activities.


Organizations — among many others — that have supported us:

Ernst von Siemens Musiс Foundation 
a donor whose contribution significantly expanded the Fund's ability to support the applicants.

initiative neue musik berlin e.V.
an organization that has become our active partner and provides assistance in many areas of our activity.

Nielsen Saloner

an organization that initiated fundraising to help Ukrainian musicians among the community of musicians in the USA.

Ulysses network
a platform that organized an online event dedicated to self-presentations of Ukrainian musicians.

Latenz Ensemble
an ensemble that organized a charity concert of Ukrainian music and directed the collected funds to the Fund.

an ensemble that became our partner and organized several events for the presentation of Ukrainian music.


Musicians who organized or took part in charity concerts and directed the collected funds to help musicians from Ukraine through the Fund:

Special thanks to Maria Popyk, Kateryna Polevyanenko and Oleksiy Sivirin, who, together with KCMD, organized the Unplayed Concert


Some information on the support provided to the Ukrainian musicians within the last year.

We are grateful to each and every one for donating and spreading the word 🤍




*The contributions are indicated in the currencies in which they were received on KCMD NGO's account or PayPal. A significant amount of donations in foreign currency is automatically converted at the time of being delivered into the account of the NGO.

**Contribution of the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation to support the Fund applicants


We received 1179 applications

We have already supported 351 musicians based on board's decision

in the amount of uah 1,203,467.5*

*We are able to support only those applicants whose applications were approved by the Board and who were able to provide us with the documents needed by the public organization Kyiv Contemporary Music Days as a legal basis for providing monetary assistance to an individual.

**the UAH-EUR conversion is approximate.


We regularly analyze the applications submitted to understand better the context in which Ukrainian musicians are and their real needs.

28.03.2022 | УКР

16.04.2022 | УКР | EN

30.04.2022 | УКР | EN

16.05.2022 | УКР | EN

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15.12.2022 | УКР | EN

31.03.2023 | УКР | EN 


March 28, 2022

Unplayed concert

Partners: Unplayed concert

Learn more

Watch the video

KCMD, together with the team of the Unplayed Concert project, organized an online charity concert featuring Ukrainian musicians who left their homes due to the war. 

The concert was broadcasted simultaneously on the resources of KCMD and broadcast partners: ​​Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, State Agency of Ukraine for Arts and Art Education, Donemus Publishing, Edition Peters Group, EUYO — The European Union Youth Orchestra, Forest Collective, Module Exchange, Moldovan National Youth Orchestra, Music Biennale Zagreb, musikprotokoll, New Symphony Orchestra, Österreichische Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Musik, UA: Culture, Ukraine UA, Ukrainian Contemporary Music Festival, Ukrainian Institute.

May 6, 2022

Web-Talk: Meeting with the Ukrainian Contemporary Music Community

Partners: initiative neue musik berlin e.V.

Online meeting of Ukrainian and German new music communities.

Together with initiative neue musik berlin e.V. we organized Web-Talk: Meeting with the Ukrainian Contemporary Music Community — an open panel discussion, at which we presented the Fund, and the members of the Ukrainian music community offered their vision of the context in which Ukrainian music has been existing for the last ten years and the last two months (since the beginning of a full-scale invasion).

The event, moderated by Hanna Grzeskiewicz, was joined by the following speakers:

Read about the discussion:

June 7, 2022

Ukrainian contemporary music confronting the new reality. Context, challenges, future

Partners: Synaesthesis

Watch the video

A panel discussion was organized together with the Lithuanian contemporary music ensemble Synaesthesis.

At the discussion, we presented the Fund, and the speakers shed light on the following topics:


June 7, 2022

#ulyssesforukraine online event

Organizers: Ulysses Network

Ulysses Network organized an online event dedicated to self-presentations of Ukrainian musicians. KCMD was honoured to be invited to participate in the event and present the Fund.

This event is part of the solidarity project with Ukraine ULYSSES FOR UKRAINE. Click here to find more information about this event and other opportunities for Ukrainian musicians.

August 24, 2022

Conversation with Kyiv Contemporary Music Days

Organizers: CelloBello

→  Watch the video

On the Independence Day of Ukraine, part of the KCMD team met for a public online conversation with Robert Rand — the director of the CelloBello. 

We talked about the new direction of activity of KCMD — the Fund for the Support of the Ukrainian classical music community, about the importance of giving a platform to Ukrainian music, and also shared our reflections on the changes that the war brings to the life and work of musicologists, media artists, and composers.

September 14, 2022

Developing cultural centers together: Lithuania—Ukraine

Partners: Musika Jauna

→  Watch the video

Panel discussion within Festivalis Jauna Muzika 2022 in Vilnius, organized by KCMD and the Lithuanian Composers Union.

The discussion provided a platform for institutional actors in the sphere of culture, music in particular (contemporary, experimental, electroacoustic, etc.), who are developing formal and informal cultural centres that contribute to building sustainable professional communities. Covering the previous path and current situation within the music communities in Lithuania and Ukraine, we also focused on the practical aspects of possible collaborations.

The discussion addressed common goals and plans for the post-war period to prepare ground for new centres to emerge and to find ways in which Ukrainian and Lithuanian actors in contemporary/ experimental/ electroacoustic music can work together to bring about new opportunities and enhance each other's efforts.


Moderator: Rasa Murauskaitė (LT) — music critic and senior editor of LRT KLASIKA

October 19-21, 2022

KCMD @ Impuls Festival

Partners: IMPULS Festival, Art Music Denmark, Baltic Contemporary Music Network, Festival Alliance for Contemporary Music in Europe (F.A.C.E.). 

During the three-day festival in Halle and Dessau, KCMD was honoured to be invited to present the activities of the Fund and to announce the upcoming project, "Portfolio of key actors in contemporary classical music in Ukraine", to deliver a key-note speech about the role of arts and culture in politics and the importance of supporting the Ukrainian music sector on the international stage in times of war and after.

We also invited a composer Yana Shliabans'ka to perform in Sonic showcases concert within the festival.

December 15, 2022

Presentation of the Contemporary Classical Music Portfolio 🇺🇦

Partners: initiative neue musik Berlin / field notes, Österreichische Gesellschaft für zeitgenössische Musik, Donemus Publishing, MBZ / Music Biennale Zagreb, Musikprotokoll, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Ensemble KNM Berlin, Lviv National Philharmonic

The presentation consisted of three parts. In the first, the KCMD team presented Portfolio — an English-language online portal that allows professionals in the field of new music from all over the world to search for partners from Ukraine for collaborative projects, commissions of new works, etc.

It was followed by a panel discussion devoted to the activities of Ukrainian specialists in new music in the times of a full-scale war. The conversation was moderated by Lisa Benjes, director of Initiative Neue Musik Berlin / field notes. Among the discussion participants were Sasha Andrusyk — curator, founder of the Ukho music agency; Adrian Mocanu — composer; Yana Shliabanska — composer, co-founder of the electro-acoustic duo GUMA; and Albert Saprykin — co-founder of KCMD.

The final part of the presentation was an online concert, that showcased works of Ukrainian composers presented in the Portfolio: Zoltan Almashi , Anna Arkushyna, Roman Grygoriv & Illia Razumeiko, Maxim Kolomiiets, Anna Korsun, Boris Loginov, Svyatoslav Lunyov, Adrian Mocanu, Maxim Shalygin, Yana Shliabanska, Alexey Shmurak, Serhii Vilka, Olexij Vojtenko (Alex Voytenko), Ludmila Yurina, Alla Zagaykevych.

February 19, 2023

New Music Communities Mixer. Kyiv – Berlin – New York 

Partners: initiative neue musik Berlin / field notes, Acker Stadt Palast, MIFRUSH Production

The Mixer featured a panel discussion with festival curators from Kyiv – Albert Saprykin, Berlin – Julian Rieken and New York – Leah Batstone, a Q&A session, and an electroacoustic set by composer Yana Shliabanska

The discussion was addressing the influence of current political and social reality on artistic curators' methods and decisions. It unpacked the principles and practices of the organizations which are taking care of Ukrainian new music in times of war, and touched on the problematic issues of supporting artists who are going through the difficult experience of social and political unrest in their homeland.


The main thing is that we continue to accept donations.

There are a few ways you could help the Fund:

1. Consider donating

2. Spread the word

It would be helpful if you find an opportunity to spread the information about the Fund to individuals and institutions — in Ukraine and abroad — that can help us by spreading the word further and by contributing.

Materials that may come in handy:

3. Organize charity projects, raise funds and donate them to the Fund

Do as we did with the Unplayed Concert!  In case you have any ideas and what to contact us, feel free to do that.



From December 11, 2015, to February 23, 2022, we have been holding festivals, concerts, lectures, and workshops, producing educational videos, and developing an ecosystem of contemporary academic music in Ukraine and worldwide.

Our projects, in collaboration with more than 30 partners, took place in Kyiv, Lviv (Ukraine), Lisbon (Portugal), and Mishima (Japan) and were attended by musicians from 20+ countries— from the United States to Australia and Japan.

Questions? Proposals?

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